Why Choose a Consultant?

When faced with the question of representation, is it better to outsource to an agent, consultant or external representative or to keep the task in-house?

This will depend on a number of factors including your motivations, style, instructions or objectives, levels of authority, risk factors, interests and the parties with which you seek to engage.

A Consultant, Agent or Representative can benefit when you:
- are too heavily invested in the outcomes and have become ‘clouded’
- need a representative to focus on the outcomes and interests objectively
- seek to invent unexplored options and realise greater value
- wish to overcome existing conflict or potential disputation
- have barriers preventing you from executing the task, be they organisational, personal, structural or historical.

In the end, the outcomes will only be as successful as the desired alignment achieved between you, the Principal, and the Agent representing your stated interests.

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