A faint design made in media during processing that is visible when held against the light and typically identifies the maker.

It’s not what you think.

Watermaarq Freediving

Freediving the amazing caverns in Tonga, a must do freedive experience!
Freediving the amazing caverns in Tonga, a must do freedive experience!
Have you ever wondered how you’d respond in an extreme circumstance?
Have you wondered what it would be like to maintain inner calm when outer chaos surrounds you?
Freediving teaches you to be present, aware and solid in trying situations.

High stress meetings. Big dumping waves. Encountering wild animals. Striving for Olympic Gold.


– Learn how to stay calm and focused.
– Learn to accept.
– Learn to hold your breath longer.
– Learn to dive deeper.
– And be ready to catch bigger waves.

In Victoria, Australia we sometimes face the toughest marine conditions on the planet. Southern Ocean swell, tides, waves, current, and sometimes rugged unforgiving coastline. At other times, we enjoy the serenity and calm of our own Port Phillip big blue.

Freediving here, you’re pretty much prepared to freedive anywhere in the world.

Here in Victoria you’ll be rewarded by mesmerising marine life, 85% of which is not found anywhere else in the world.


Freediving Deeper into the Beauty
Freediving Deeper into the Beauty
As people we are not one-dimensional. As simply as a watermark creates a layer that protects the maker and the product, the additional layers we as people choose to reveal in the right light protect us.

Freediving, apnea, breath-hold, whatever mark applies, the discipline provides a range of skills and attributes that are universally useful in other domains. The sprouting of Yoga and Yogic beliefs are continuing to penetrate the mainstream. Freediving as a discipline interrupts typical mental and physical forces in the same way.

It reveals the ability to reach an acceptance of state, the ability to negotiate changes in mind or external forces at the most inopportune moments. Does not a leader or representative need to espouse traits that show a centred disposition, grounded, unflappable, calm, stoic, and open nature? These are the very tools of freediving, brought to you in the simplicity of one breath.


When we enter the water as visitors to the marine environment, as a faint design, as only visible against the light, identifiable not because we’ve left an impression, only as a whisper, then we’ve left enough of our mark.

Weedy Seadragon at Flinders, VIC
Weedy Seadragon at Flinders, VIC
Maarq has experience in the discipline of freediving or apnea. Diving into the marine world on one breath, identifiable only as one slivers through the water, not fighting the water but being water.

It is a physicality, a mentality, a philosophy even. It draws upon your own self communication as much as your abilities in negotiation. If you can discover what’s in you on one breath, you’ll discover much more in every other mark.

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